What men need to know about IPL Hair Removal
What men need to know about IPL Hair Removal?
Is it okay for Men to Remove Hair?
Nowadays, men are opting for the same grooming rights as women – including silky smooth body skin. Most men don’t necessarily want it all removed, but some do want it thinned out, on their back and chest, for example. So, what are the options for men when it comes to Hair Removal?

Why are Men opting for IPL Permanent Hair Removal?
Excessive Body Hair and Aesthetics – IPL Permanent hair removal is appealing for men who want to get rid excess hair on their back, chest, stomach, or all over. And let’s clear up a misconception: Men IPL hair removal doesn’t have to leave you looking like a hairless fitness model (unless you want it to). A lot of guys treat their chest, not because they want to get rid of their hair completely, but they like to thin it out they want it to be finer and sparser.
Ingrown Hairs – Many guys want less hair to make shaving easier, especially if they get ingrown hairs on their neck. IPL Permanent Hair Removal is the only way to effectively treat a condition called PFD, pseudofolliculitis barbae. Clusters of inflamed, red, or dark bumps will appear around hair follicles from shaving. Ingrown hairs cause red, often itchy bumps where hair has grown back into the skin. With IPL Permanent Hair Removal, there are things you can do to treat and prevent them, and in most cases, you will not need to see a doctor or specialist for expensive treatment. Especially, they’re ingrown hairs that grow in all sorts of directions, which can leave scars.
Sports – A lot of body hair can cause added chafing and irritation when combined with tight cycling kits, sweat, and long ride times in the saddle. It also makes putting on compression tights, foam rolling, and massages easier and pain-free, since the hairs won’t get caught or tugged. Plus, it saves any athlete loads of grooming time. There’s no need to shave and prep their bodies before a race or competition, and it eradicates any risk of cuts and nicks from getting infected in a locker room or pool.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal

While waxing, shaving, or threading is only applied for certain areas, Men IPL Hair Removal, on the other hand, can treat effectively both face and body. We can target the following areas for men: for the body, we do full back, chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms and full legs. You might fall asleep while getting your back treated! Plus, no more nicks and scrapes in delicate or sensitive areas.
Thanks to the latest IPL Permanent Hair Removal generation, it’s now 100% painless, safe and effective on all skin types.