Urban Skin Struggles | Beat the Clock
Our Urban Skin Remedies treatment programmes are strategically curated just for busy urbanites and are meant to be quick while still being extremely effective. Those living in urban landscapes with a hot and humid climate know the toll that pollution, exposure to UV rays, and all the stress from the daily hustle can take on their skin. One urban skin woe that many women worry about is premature aging, which it another symptom of living a busy city life. Avoid the worry and those worry lines with our new Urban Skin programmes. We’ve put these together with you and your specific struggles in mind.

These programmes combine several technologies to target different urban typical concerns in a short period of time. Combining technologies is one of the most effective ways to act on different layers of the skin to target specific concerns. Our “Beat the Clock” is a perfect go-to treatment for targeting multiple signs of premature and natural aging.

The combination of Radiofrequency, IPL and LED therapies, in 2 sessions over 2 weeks, work together to lift and firm sagging skin and help brighten the skin and slow down aging process. The ultimate result: restored youthfulness with more supple and healthy-looking skin. Who wouldn’t want that?!
Here’s the process:
While the radiofrequency treatment tight the skin by stimulating collagen production deep in the skin, streamline facial contours and smooth skin overall appearance. The IPL followed by the LED photomodulation, reduce pigmentation, even the skin texture, resulting in a radiant and glowing skin. The multi-prong benefits of this potent programme include a visible lifting, firming and brightening of the skin, refined pores, and a more even skin tone. It’s the perfect solution to your specific urban skin woes.