Urban Skin Remedies | Beat the Stress
We all know and understand having to juggle the demands of a busy lifestyle, whether doing overtime at work, catching up on emails during our morning commute, or simply failing to get enough quality sleep. Unfortunately, we’re equally familiar with the effects this tends to have on our skin. There is so much that goes on beneath the surface of the skin when we’re feeling tired or stressed out. Things like clogged pores, pigmentation, dullness, fine lines, blemishes and inflammation. These are just a few of the struggles facing all city dwellers stemming from 2 ultimate causes that we discussed in our last post : pollution and UV rays from the sun. But our Urban Skin Remedies are specially designed for individuals who need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and specific care for their skin.
“Beat the Stress” is the name of our first treatment. It’s designed to rebalance the skin, reduce blemishes and inflammations, and refine the appearances of pores. This treatment combines the use of LED and IPL (intense pulsed light) to target these issues, reduce zits and breakouts that result from stress, and combat oily skin and clogged pores the humidity of a tropical climate and travel can bring.

Here’s the process:

    While IPL is traditionally associated with hair removal, changing the intensity allows it to target pigmentation, brighten the complexion and tighten pores. First, a cool, thick gel goes on before you’re fitted with an eye mask for protection against the IPL’s rays. Then the machine is fired up, going over the face in pulses of bright light with your therapist concentrating on the problem areas.

  • STAGE TWO: LED Photomodulation
LED Photomodulation treatment effectively and painlessly eradicates bacteria causing acne and balances sebum production in our pores. Using intense but non-thermal blue and red lights technology to quickly kill acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores, the treatment will help to reduce frequent breakouts and inflammations, and to quickly get a newly smooth and radiant visage. Clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne by combining blue light -which attacks bacteria-causing acne while regulating sebum production – and red light, which soothes inflammation and encourages cellular regeneration and a speedier healing process. With LED Photomodulation treatment, chronic inflammation decreases, and scars and lesions disappear.

Oily skin also regains a better balance and one’s complexion is purified, mattified and takes on a more even tone and texture. Acne-prone skin gradually appears clearer, smoother and calmer.
Doesn’t this sound like the ultimate way to beat your stress and reduce the effects that city living is having on your skin?

Here’s what clients are saying:
“I was happy to see that my skin certainly looked visibly fairer in the mirror after the treatment! The IPL itself was surprisingly comfortable and felt like a chilled metal tool that was ran all over my face. All in all, the process was so soothing that I fell asleep halfway for both sessions.”
“Immediately after, there was a definitive glow to my face and the small smattering of pigmentation on a corner of my cheek did look a lot less noticeable as well. With a visibly improved complexion I couldn’t stop marvelling over — and in what amounts to only a couple of hours for the entire programme — This Skin Remedies is a skin fix this beauty writer is totally saying huzzah to.”