About Vascular & Leg Vein

Leg veins, spider veins and other visible benign vascular lesions are common aesthetic conditions, a lesser common but very visible symptom is port wine stain, especially when it appears on the face. Among other classifications are different types of vascular malformations: Capillary, Venous, Lymphatic and Arterial. Among children, the most common vascular lesion type are Hemangiomas. These are benign tumors which appear shortly after birth as pinkish-red spots which grow over time and throughout adulthood. Which patients seek treatment for both medical and cosmetic reasons.  Lasers and other light based technologies enable effective treatment of leg veins and vascular lesions by inducing vessel collapse through coagulation with minimal damage to adjacent structures.

The QM Medical Solution

QM Medical’s vascular lesions treatments offer effective, non-invasive solutions that close these veins and reduce or eliminate their appearance. The QM Medical IPL with OPT™ (Optimal Pulse Technology) is designed to treat vascular lesions up to 1.5 mm deep and up to 1 mm in diameter. The Multi-Spot Nd:YAGwith Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSP™) effectively treats vascular lesions up to 4.5 mm deep and with a diameter of up to 4 mm, such as leg veins. The Multi-Spot Nd:YAG treats all skin types safely and effectively.

Clinical Evidence

Due to multiple reasons, as we grow older our veins might weaken and fail. Mainly it happens by weakened valves, which cause blood to pool rather than flow to the heart. As a result, these blood vessels become enlarged and visible. One of the side effects of this issue is the appearance of various types of vascular lesions.

Advantages For Physicians

     Optimal treatment safety and efficacy using Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™) and Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSP™) which facilitate achieving the desired clinical results with enhanced patient comfort.
     Preset treatment parameters for a wide range of clinical indications ensure ease of use and a fast learning curve.
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