Permanent Hair Removal- Everything you need to know!
Why Permament Hair Removal?
Today, many women still use razors to remove hair. Others have opted for more sustainable solutions like wax or electric epilator. But these methods of hair removal are quite time consuming and due to the fact that the hair regrows between one week and one month, it can become quite a costly endeavor.
Moreover, they can irritate and deteriorate the dermis and cause hyperpigmentation. Permanent hair removal is a great solution, even a revolution to deal with this problem. And what’s more, it fits now all skin types.
Truly effective, the result is definitive!
Men and women everywhere are already very satisfied with this new method of permanent hair removal, all the more so as there is a new technology called Permanent Pulse that allows a painless, effective and really safe treatment.

IPL or laser hair permanent hair removal ?
These different forms of permanent hair removal are similar in terms of efficiency, comfort and safety. As a client, you are unlikely to notice any difference during the treatment.
The primary distinction between laser and IPL hair removal is that, laser treatments must be administered by doctors. Therefore, the cost of laser hair removal can be higher. This difference does not mean that a laser hair removal treatment would be automatically safer or have better results. In fact, there are various generations of laser and IPL technologies, and many would not be suitable for all the skin types.

Intense pulsed light: how does it works?
The IPL Permanent hair removal works through a flash-lamp. The primary principle behind IPL hair removal is “selective photothermolysis”, the matching of a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted tissue with minimal effect on surrounding tissue.
This treatment involve producing light energy, which is then absorbed into the dark pigment of the hair to ultimately its destruction by the heat generated.

The advantages of QM Medical No pain System (Diode Laser)
Permanent hair removal treatment with Diode Laser destroys the hair through the absorption of light by melanin without damaging surrounding tissues. This approach, combined with an integrated cooling system, makes the treatment perfectly comfortable and painless.
Unlike the traditional systems that destroy the hair by sudden and painful pulses, the Diode Laser is endowed with a progressive heating system that gradually distributes the energy over the entire treated area by constantly sweeping the handpiece across the skin. Diode Laser destroys the hair, but also eliminates the germ cells (responsible for regrowth) by gradually warming the follicle of the hair without discomfort or risk.
Furthermore, Diode Laser treatment can be performed any time during the year, as sun exposure is less traumatic to the skin following the treatment.

How quickly will I see results?
Results are gradual and become more visible after each treatment. Most people notice an improvement after the first session, with less hair and a slower regrowth. The number of sessions depends on your specific skin and hair condition, and the results you are trying to achieve.