Our Greatest time-saving tip? SHR Hair Removal
Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and more… that’s what we’ve all relied on for so long to take care of our stubborn, unwanted body hair. But those things take so much of our most precious resource: time! These traditional methods of hair removal are old fashioned, painful, and time consuming… let us share something you might not have considered to solve these problems.

IPL permanent hair removal!
QM Medical offers the most effective and pain free IPL technology. The downside of the traditional IPL systems is that it delivers intense pulsed light in one sudden zap, often causing some pain. With the system we use the treatment is administered in a sweeping, continuous motion which raises the temperature of the hair follicles by stacking the IPL pulses instead of using one zap. This makes for a more comfortable treatment.

This treatment’s duration depends on the area being treated, 5/10 minutes for underarms, 15/20 minutes for Bikini and 25/30 minutes for the legs. And with the SHR system it takes as little as eight to twelve sessions to remove up to 90% of hair permanently. Imaging how time-saving that could be! Never having to worry about shaving or waxing again!