It’s time to say “Au revoir” to bad skin problems
The muggy weather and scorching heat often means that our skin produces a lot of sebum, which causes pores to look more open and become clogged with debris and excess sebum.
The constant exposure to UV rays also means that our complexions appear dull and uneven in tone. The combination of both gaping pores, hyperpigmentation and lacklustre skin make up the most common skin woes.

If you’re ready to say “Hello” to finer pores and a brighter complexion, QM Medical is here to help!

1. Microneedling, so you can roll your way to smoother skin
With so many new-fangled beauty gadgets to choose from, it’s perhaps a surprise to find out that the most effective one for refining skin plagued with open pores and rough skin is the humble microneedling device.
QM Medical’s Derma roller is made with high-quality, extremely fine titanium needles that create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. Although they are invisible to the naked eye, these micro-injuries stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism, boosting cell regeneration and collagen production.
When used with the Derma roller two or three times a week on cleansed skin, you’ll notice smoother, firmer and more finely-textured skin within a month.

2. Our NEW Intensive Acne Removal Treatment
QM Medical introduces the Intensive Acne Removal Treatment as a more, well, intensive option to our CO2 laser Acne treatment.
The Intensive Acne Removal Treatment using a professional acne laser – CO2 Fractional Laser.  

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is a safe, quick, and easy office procedure that takes 15-30 minutes depending on the areas and conditions being treated. This effective acne removal treatment emits a sequence of pulses that generate new younger cells, leaving you looking brighter and fresher.
This proven technologies other by killing acne-producing bacteria, regulating as well as limiting sebaceous glands, reducing inflammation, destressing and relaxing tired skin and, last but not least, improving blood circulation and cell metabolism rate. This significantly reduces the appearance of pores thus refining the skin, leaving it radiant and acne breakout free!

3. Brighten and firm your skin with our IPL treatment!
If your concern isn’t acne itself, but hyperpigmentation and scaring, then this is the treatment for you! Boost your confidence by targeting dark spots, post-inflammatory scars and uneven patches with our IPL technology that is painless and effective.
Not only does this aesthetic treatment have skin lightening effects, it also diminishes redness and decreases the size of your pores.