Have you fallen for these cellulite myths
First off, let’s refresh our memories with a definition of what cellulite actually is:

Cellulite is a localised skin condition that occurs when the fat cells underneath the skin expand causing them to push up between the connective bands (septa) that run vertical to the surface of the skin. This ‘pushing up’ effect causes small bulges to form between the bands and that is what causes the bumpy texture we recognise as cellulite.
Luckily, cellulite is not harmful to your health. Saying that, no one likes to see their body changing in ways they don’t want it to. Orange peel skin, cottage cheese skin, dimples… whatever lovable nickname you give your cellulite, it still doesn’t make confronting the pesky skin problem any easier! Unfortunately, 90% of women will be visited by these lumps and bumps at some point in their lives and then begins the exhausting process of trying to find out how to get rid of cellulite.
We say exhausting because there are so many myths out there surrounding the issue of cellulite, and dipping and diving between them in search of real answers is no fun for anyone. That’s why we’re going to clear up a few of the worst misdemeanors plaguing the internet so you can find your cellulite removal solution with ease.

5 cellulite myths you need to stop believing!

1. Ground coffee scrubs will get rid of cellulite
There’s always some new beauty fad grabbing for everyone’s attention and topical ground coffee scrubs are striving to be just that. This is a confusing one because on the one hand we’re regularly being told that drinking caffeine could cause cellulite and on the other we apparently should be scrubbing it onto our skin as a remedy. What’s going on? Well, you’d have to be drinking A LOT of coffee for cellulite to be an offshoot effect and if you were drinking that much coffee, trust us, cellulite wouldn’t be your most worrying symptom. As for applying coffee grounds to the skin, your skin can’t absorb it because of the tightly bound fibres that make up coffee beans. So, um, this is false.

2. Men don’t get cellulite
False! Sure, women are more likely to get cellulite but that doesn’t mean men are completely immune. However, with only 10% of them likely to suffer the cottage cheese effect, women definitely got the short end of the stick on this one. The main causes for cellulite in men is hormonal imbalances or androgen-deficiencies. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that oestrogen (also known as estrogen in case you’re feeling confused) has a lot to answer for when it comes to cellulite. Oestrogen triggers more fat in women and women also have thinner skin than men which means that characteristic bumpy effect shows through easier.

3. Cellulite is just plain old fat with another name
Wrong! If you have a read of our cellulite definition above, you can see that the cause of cellulite is not simply the fat but instead it’s the structure of our skin. That is why slim people can also suffer from cellulite. This is also why, at QM Medical, our fat reduction treatments are separate from our cellulite removal treatments – tackling cellulite requires a specific approach appropriate to the skin problem.

4. Once you have cellulite, you’re stuck with it
Obviously, this isn’t true, but sadly many people think this! This myth often stems from the concern that cellulite is hereditary, which means it’s in your genes so there is no getting rid of it. It is true that we inherit features such as skin structure and, therefore, if your parent(s) had cellulite, you’re more likely to get it too. However, as is the case with many hereditary conditions, you can do a lot in your lifetime to swing the balance in your favour, especially with the fantastic new medical technologies available these days.

5. Topical creams are a cellulite cure-all
We are all for taking a multi-pronged approach to any skin issue, if it makes sense. Which is why we advise that the appropriate topical creams can help with cellulite, but they generally don’t work on their own. Cellulite is a problem that goes deep below the surface of the skin, where topical creams just cannot penetrate as effectively as modern aesthetic technologies. Therefore, the best way to use these creams is in conjunction with an aesthetic treatment that has already eliminated the bulk of the problem.

At QM Medical, we eliminate problems relating to skin structure and expanded fat cells by pairing the power of two aesthetic technologies, radiofrequency and vacuum suction. The treatment works by dissolving fat cells while also stimulating collagen production, so our clients can experience skin tightening and firming effects from the first session.

Are you hoping to strut your stuff in a bikini very soon? Why not pamper yourself with our RF Vacuum Anti-Cellulite Treatment? Say goodbye to orange peel skin and hello to a sexier, sleeker you!

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