Guide to shave before your Hair Removal session – Female version
If you are newbie to Diode Laser Hair Removal, there is one thing that we always remind customers at to shave 2 days before their Permanent Diode Laser Hair Removal treatments. You need a small amount of hair visible at the surface of the skin for the Diode Laser light to effectively destroy the follicle. Shaving the area being treated will help the laser focus beneath the skin and improve the results.  If there’s a lot of hair on the surface, a lot less light energy makes it deep into the follicle. Strictly no waxing or plucking beforehand!

Try not to shave so close to your skin
Shaving is not easy as you thought, especially shaving close to the skin without causing any irritations is extremely challenging.
In reality, our skin has a layer of lipids that works to retain moisture and control any chemicals’ entry into the skin and protect the skin area. When the lipid layer is damaged, the skin becomes highly vulnerable to external stimuli. At this stage, the skin quickly loses the moisture to the surroundings, and because of this, foreign chemicals can enter the skin easily. The skin can be more irritable at this stage.
Shaving may also act as a physical stimulus for the receptors in our skin. While the sensory receptors in the skin are meant to perceive pain, they also react to a more innocent environmental incitement like a razor or something sharp. Upon shaving, the skin might lead to redness or a burning sensation. This may cause what is commonly known as a shaving rash, which is totally common with sensitive skin.

Try to shave along the grain.
Always try to shave in a hair growth direction to reduce the effects of a possible razor burn. Friction or abrasiveness on the skin during shaving is aggravated when there is an opposing force against the direction of hair growth, so it is recommended to avoid that, gentlemen.
The easiest way to determine which way your hair grows is by taking your hand and rubbing it across your stubble in different directions. The direction that provides the most resistance is against the grain, while the direction that provides the least resistance is with the grain. Shaving against the grain increases your chances of developing pain and the least wanted ingrown hairs.
A sharp and clean razor blade is a must – as always.
Use a sharp and clean razor blade with every shave. Dull blades require more pressure, which creates more abrasion with each shave and increases the likelihood of damaging the epidermal skin. Furthermore, you don’t want your skin to get inflammation from dirty blades.

Use Hair Removal Cream
Simply apply to your given body area, wait a few minutes for it to work its magic, and then wash off for smooth, hairless skin. Apply it to your hands, legs, bikini area or wherever you like, or maybe even your chest or back?
Whilst being the easiest hair removal method on the pain scale, hair removal creams are also great as they reduce your chances of getting ingrown hairs compared to shaving as there’s no sharp utensils or cutting of hair and so the cream simply melts away your hairs at the root, without drying your skin either. These creams can cause irritation or allergic reactions, so patch test any new product on part of your body first before going all in.

Handle bikini area with care
Grab a hand mirror and some sharp scissors and trim your hair in the spots you want to shave first. This will keep your razor from getting all clogged up. Then, hop in the shower and clean the area with some mild soap and warm water.
Once you’ve washed that area well, take a brand-new blade or a fresh-and-sharp disposable razor, apply some shaving cream, and shave downward with the hair, i.e. in the direction it’s growing or along the grain (as explained earlier). Using small strokes — and holding your skin taut with the other hand—will help protect against nicks and cuts. Please don’t wait for your razor blade to dull before switching it out. Old blades carry bacteria and increase the risk of infection or folliculitis.

QM Medical’s No Pain System Diode Laser Hair Removal
There you go! Now that you have well prepared your skin with a nice and smooth shave, it’s time for effective and long-lasting Diode Laser hair removal treatments with us at QM Medical. Our painless technology is a painless and efficient way to eliminate unwanted hair permanently. At QM Medical, we can target almost every body areas for our dear female customers. You might fall asleep while getting your backs treated! No more nicks and scrapes in delicate or sensitive areas.