Face contouring without the need for surgery! #goals
If a busy schedule, lack of sleep and frequent travelling are leaving your face looking a little bloated and worse for wear, you need emergency face-slimming – and fast!
We have five great ways for you to achieve highly-defined facial contours and a youthful glow, from easy-to-do DIY tips to QM Medical’s highly effective face contouring treatments. Check them out!

1. Tackle skin problems with a detox
A common tip for preventing puffy eyes and weary skin is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But an even quicker way to stimulate the body’s lymphatic drainage system is to squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water and down it first thing in the morning. Cutting down on alcohol, sugar and salt whilst increasing your intake in fruit and vegetables will also help.

2. Invest in an intensive face treatment
Aesthetic facial treatments will always give you the fastest results. There isn’t a quicker way to achieve defined contours than with QM Medical’s intensive anti-ageing Instant Youth Programme.

3. Microneedling, so you can just roll with it
Regular facial massages (we’re talking every day for months and years) will also help to re-shape facial contours and firm the facial skin. For quicker and more visible results, try our DIY microneedling device, QM Medical’s Derma roller.
The ultra-fine titanium needles are utterly safe for the skin when used correctly. Light microneedling on cleansed skin once or twice a week helps to ramp up blood circulation, stimulates skin repair and boosts collagen production so that skin becomes visibly smoother and firmer, and pores appear more refined.  

4. Fake it till you make it…
By investing in a good-quality contouring makeup kit. A few deft strokes of contouring and highlighting powder onto the right places on your face can visually transform your face, making it look slimmer and more defined.

5. Get serious with a triple-layer face lifting treatment
Many facial treatments or over-the-counter facial products only target one layer of the skin. That is okay, as long as your skin problem is restricted to the one area. However, for most people, a more holistic approach to maintaining a youthful, radiant visage is needed. That is why we have designed a fabulous new face lifting treatment!
Our Ultimate Lift HIFU Facial Treatment targets superficial and deeper dermal layers, as well as the facial musculature for real face lifting results. With innovative high-intensity focused ultrasound technology you can enjoy a pain-free, non-surgical collagen remodelling treatment.
No one likes it when the front-facing camera snaps a picture of your double chin! Luckily, this is the perfect facial treatment if you are looking for a lower facelift. Results can be seen immediately post-treatment with optimum results expected from one to three months.