Digital Ageing: What you should know about blue light exposure
Decades ago, concerns about blue light exposure were barely on anyone’s mind. Fast forward to the era of the Internet, and now we’re starting to understand blue light’s negative long-term effects, such as eye strain, sleeping issues, and skin damage.
Blue light comes from a variety of sources including the sun, fluorescent lighting, LED lights, and TV, computer, tablet, and phone screens. It is with computer and phone screens that blue light exposure has become a larger part of our lexicon. On average, people spend over THREE HOURS on their phone each day. That means three hours of direct blue light exposure irritating our eyes and skin.
In this article, we’d like to go over the negative effects of blue light exposure on our skin and how it can cause premature aging.
What is digital ageing?
Digital ageing is when your skin experiences premature aging and adverse effects from blue light rays from specific light sources. Blue light is emitted from the sun, TV, computer, or florescent lights in your workplace. While the sun can cause the most skin damage (always wear your sunscreen!), our increased use of computers and cell phones also negatively affect our skin.
What are the effects of digital ageing on skin?
Studies have found that blue light exposure can increase hyperpigmentation (dark spots), redness, inflammation, and production of free radicals. In addition, blue light can damage the elasticity of your skin and cause sagging and wrinkling.
How do I prevent digital ageing from happening?
Preventing skin damage caused by blue light exposure is a better approach than trying to cure it. There are several easy ways you can protect your skin starting now. Here are just a few steps:
  • Limiting time on your computer, tablet, or cell phone
  • Downloading programs that lessen blue light tones on your devices OR using a screen cover
  • Purchasing the paperwhite version of your reading device (or better yet—read a real book or newspaper!)
  • Using blue-blocking sunscreens
  • Using blue-blocking makeup
    If you already notice digital ageing effects on your skin such as redness and pigmentation, there are several treatments you can try to help correct these problems. Intense pulsed light (IPL), light emitting diode therapy (LED), and Hydra Facial Care are all excellent non-invasive procedures that can combat premature skin aging.
    IPL rejuvenates the skin by getting rid of redness and brown pigments, LED treatment helps with anti-aging and leaves your skin looking smooth and glowing, and Hydra Facial Care helps restore skin’s radiance by hydrating, exfoliating and cleansing your skin.

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