Cryolipolysis or Lipocavitation Which is better for fat reduction
Cryolipolysis or Lipocavitation: Which is better for fat reduction?
Having extra body fat is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re beautiful just the way you are. But many of us have a little extra fat we’d like to get rid. Maybe it’s in our thighs, our stomach, or arms, or our hips. If you’ve been researching fat reduction treatments, you’ve come to the right place.

There are two types of treatments we recommend: cryolipolysis and lipocavitation. Both of these treatments feature very different technologies, but they’re both very effective.

Cryolipolysis (otherwise known as fat freezing) is best for pinchable fat vs hard fat. Pinchable fat is the fat found between your skin and muscle (subcutaneous fat). The area around your stomach called the muffin top is a good example. Our cryolipolysis treatment—QM-4S—uses a unique suction method that draws out unwanted fatty tissues that our bodies get rid of months after treatment. This treatment usually takes an hour or less, is painless, and creates dramatic results. Clients see up to a 30% permanent reduction in fat cells in the treated areas. The other remarkable fact about cryolipolysis is that it requires little downtime. Unlike invasive surgery, you can go right back to work, home, errands, or the gym.

Unlike cryolipolysis, lipocavitation is best for hard fat, which is found much deeper under the skin. Hard fat is usually challenging to get rid of—until now. Our medical-grade fat reduction treatment—QM-650—hit those stubborn fat cells by using sophisticated ultrasound and cavitation technologies. Your body will naturally filtrate the cells, and after that happens, you’ll be left with the type of body contouring you’ve always dreamed of. Like our QM-4S treatment, QM-650 is painless and requires zero downtime.

You might be wondering: Can I combine treatments?

The answer is YES!

For certain areas of your body, receiving BOTH treatments does double-duty to remove fat. The lipocavitation helps break down the fat cells, making them softer and more treatable with the cryolipolysis. Before you book an appointment, our expert estheticians will consult with you first to see which fat reduction treatment plan is best for your needs.

And don’t worry about your schedule. Both of these treatments don’t require much of your time. For QM-4S, we recommend two-to-three sessions with a minimum of four weeks in between. As for QM-650, we recommend six sessions for six weeks. Sticking to this regimen will guarantee optimal results.

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