Age is just a number.Here’s how to ensure you’re rocking your 50s ageless style.
Age is just a number.Here’s how to ensure you’re rocking your 50s ageless style.
Blame it on the hormones rollercoaster – or just plain old Father Time – but our 50s is when we start observing dramatic loss of elasticity and plumpness in our skin. Sun spots and uneven skin tone may also appear more visible, while fine lines deepen into wrinkles.
Don’t despair! Fortunately, maintaining the bounciness and lift of youthful skin is much easier that you think – thanks to QM Medical’s cutting-edge and ultra-effective aesthetic technologies.

Intensively boost your collagen levels
You’re frustrated at the countless over-the-counter anti-wrinkle products promising results but failing to deliver. We feel you! The sagging that happens from our forties and fifties occurs from a loss of elastin and collagen deep within the skin, and that requires intensive targeted treatment.
QM Medical’s anti-ageing device, Instant Youth,  intensive skin-lifting and firming treatment. A combination of
IPL, LED and micro-needling stimulates collagen production at all levels of the skin, resulting in a visibly firmed and lifted complexion. Or adopts HIFU technology, focus at SMAS, stimulates collagens increase, recover SMAS’s function of stretch the muscles and skin, get a perfect result of wrinkle removal.

The firming results can be seen immediately after the first session – laugh and fine lines are reduced, and droopy eyelids and brows are lifted, making your face look fresher and  more youthful. What’s more, repeated sessions mean that the results are amplified and last for weeks and months to come.
Turn the clock back by years in just one hour!

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